Kordil is providing high quality surveying services at competitive price from Turkey.

Offshore Surveying Services


  • Hydrographic, oceanographic, geological and geophysical researches
  • Bathymetry with multibeam, singlebeam echosounder
  • Seabed classification & research with sidescan and snippets
  • Underwater sedimentation modelling
  • Ultra-high resolution underwater seismic survey
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO / UO) research
  • Current, wave and seawater measurements
  • Seabed classification
  • Offshore research studies for urban planning
  • Installation of offshore monitoring stations
  • Geophysical and geological investigations
  • Offshore weather and oceanographic data monitoring

Land & Cadastral Surveying Services

  • Property and boundary surveys
  • Implementation of urban/rural plans
  • Topographical mapping
  • Construction surveying
  • Surveying for mechanical installation
  • Surveying for industrial manufacturing
  • Quantity survey
  • Asbuilt surveys
  • Urban planning
  • Preparation nationalization plans

3D Modelling w/ Photogrammetry & Laser Scanning


We provide reliable results and reporting by utilizing instrumentation from developing technology and remote sensing.

  • UAV / Drone photogrammetry and 3D modeling
  • 3D structural modelling
  • RC inspection (corrosion control, thickness of steel)
  • Cliff mapping
  • Route mapping
  • Deformation analysis
  • Point cloud and 3D modelling
  • Restitution & photogrammetric mapping

Positioning System & Sensor Technologies

konumlandırma sistemleri

Kordil have proprietary positioning systems and running on tenth of vessels with properitary & OEM sensors.

  • Kordil EPS - Excavator Positioning System
  • KNP - Dredger Edition
  • KNP - Split Barge Edition
  • KNP - Barge Edition
  • KNP - Tractor Edition
  • KBS - Kordil Bathymetry Studio
  • KNP - Crane Edition
  • KNP - Crane Edition + Depth
  • KNP - Railway Inspection Edition

Engineering Surveys

None-routine surveys are in Kordil's primary fields of competence. If you have an extreme survey contact us.

  • Deformation surveys and early warning systems using multiple sensor technologies and geodetic instrumentation
  • Integrated land and hydrographic surveys
  • Cliff mapping
  • 3D motion monitoring systems
  • Tunnel survey
  • City modelling
  • Railway monitoring systems
  • Quick road inspection systems

Instrumentation, Integration & OEM

oşinografi sistemleri

Kordil is manufacturing, integrating and distributing below systems

  • GNSS heading and position instruments
  • Pressure, ultrasonic and radar tide gauges
  • Hydrographic singlebeam echosounders (dual and single frequency)
  • Acoustics doppler current profiler (ADCP)
  • Oceanographic instruments with various sensors
  • Weather stations
  • Multibeam echosounders
  • Side scan sonar
  • Industrial logger
  • NTRIP GNSS correction server

Provision of Survey Personnel & Equipment

We provide full time and part time surveyors for your projects and we fulfill all requirements.

  • Provision of senior surveyors and survey teams
  • Hiring, training adopting junior surveyors for long term projects
  • Provision of turnkey surveying services for major projects

As Kordil we are eligible to perform hydrographic, topographic and photogrammetric surveys. Kordil is also distributor of AML Oceanographic, Norbit, Ohmex, Hemisphere GNSS, and Datumate in Turkey.